Identity System, Web Design

The Cultural Landscape Foundation Website


Apart from implementing the new visual identity to the website, the redesign also focuses on resolving some major issues of their current site:

  • Poor navigation on mobile devices
  • A lack of visual consistency and tone of voice in their visual identity
  • Inefficient information architecture that complicates user experiences

Below is an image showing what their current site looks like on a laptop and a mobile device.

A User-friendly Mobile Experience

The redesign of their mobile site focuses on the reorganization of content. Create a hamburger menu that organizes different categories. The main page cleans up the layout and also adopts a responsive design that creates a better proportion between images and text. The feature section on the TCLF page also guides users directly to the most important events of the month.

Desktop Version

Structured similarly to the mobile version of the site, the laptop version showcases important information about the organization on its home page. Moreover, to create more visual consistency, thumbnail images are black and white and will show colors on hover. The visual identity is also adopted in the UI as every section uses different typescape letters for different information.