Visual + Motion Design

Twitch Social Always On


Working alongside copywriters, motion designers, and our design lead, as the designer on the team, I help execute Twitch’s social media always-on content, events promotion graphics, seasonal and live events campaigns at Dept. While Twitch gave us lots of creative freedom, we work hard to uphold the visual identity of the brand in order to create coherent visual content.

Holidays & Events

On the left is the 2022 wrap-up asset featuring the important events related to Twitch. On the right is an asset we design for the Streamer Bowl event to reveal the participated streamers. Both assets are designed and storyboarded by me, and animated by the motion designers.

Promoting Creators

We also promote various big-name and niche creators on Twitch’s social media based on the content they stream and their significant achievements. For The Arcade /KleopatrahJones, I helped design the 8-bit character and intro card.

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And for /cypheroftyr carousal, we asked her for book recommendations since she was also working on a book and game project herself.

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Social Engagement

Our team also comes up with Twitch memes and fun prompts to engage the Twitch audience. Apart from animated assets, we also post static assets that deliver event information.